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Welcome to the Alpin Skischule Oberstdorf

Our Ski Courses are all about having fun, getting some exercise and enjoying the natural scenery of the magical Bavarian (Allgäu) Alps!

The goal of the Alpin Skischule Oberstdorf is to pass on our extensive knowledge and experience so that you will have the most fun possible on the slopes of our winter wonderland. Whether you are a beginner strapping in for the first time or an expert looking for the best lines, Alpin Skischule Oberstdorf takes pride in delivering the best experiences to all our customers. Naturally, our rental equipment for skiing and snowboarding is well maintained and of excellent quality and the kids will love our specialist ski club and ski area catering specially to them.

The Alpin Skischule Oberstdorf team looks forward to having all budding skiers and snowboarders join the fun at our fantastic Kinderskigelände on the Soellereck mountain.

Your Alpin Skischule Oberstdorf - Professional Ski School of the German Ski Instructors Association -
Herbert & Florian Endres